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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 17, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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greatest influences of music in all time, elvis presley and les paul. from new york. i'm mike huckabee. yours in the bond. good night, everybody. then, some say it is but others point out that it starts with an s. a hard look at what onthat than had to say about dining with
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the duff. >> greg: with us is remy spencer. knows injections like i know infections. >> if fierce intelligence were a fire truck i would ride him with a daldale dalmatian. and harris hawker in, she is so hot, cub scouts use her to make s'mores. our "new york times" correspondent, great to see you, pinch. >> not so great to see you, greg. >> continue. >> bill, what is wrong with your face? >> well, greg, a transformers helmet for my birthday. >> greg: so you got a helmet for your birthday? >> i sure did and i'm never taking it off. >> greg: when we do the show we can't have you wear that because we can't hear a word you are saying. >> what if i talk slower?
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>> okay. >> she had her fill of talking about bill. hillary clinton is secretary of state and her husband is not. on monday when a college aged student asked her what her hub by thought about a trade deal she snapped fashionista that snaps fast. than something watch it, watchers. >> are you worried about the china necessary country. >> interference is from the world bank against this contract. what does mr. clinton think through the mouth of mrs. clinton and what does ms mcdonald think on this situation, thank you very much.
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>> you want kne me to tell yout my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state, i am. so you ask my opinion, i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channeling my husband. >> greg: my goodness, bill clinton, we finally feel your pain. there was only one problem, the student asked what president obama and not former president clinton thought of the deal but the translator screwed it up. when bill was asked to comment he said what the hey, can't you see i'm banging the tutor's it waitress. >> it is not just the way that she said. but the way that she said it. the way that she was sitting there and the position that she was slipped down, obviously tired, a little bit stressed out. we were talking about this the last time i was on the show how
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bill clinton could accomplish things that she couldn't do herself as secretary of state. it is pretty telling i think her reaction there. >> yes. >> you know what, greg, i think finally there are women all around the world going she really does have a pulse, she is still mad at bill for having the most famous internship ever in the white house. getting her street credit on. >> a little late, harris. >> she is feeling the reality of what happens when you get old, fat and unloved. she needs to get an advance team that puts a back drop behind her like she is going to be on t.v. her husband is chris, she has got to bring it. >> those were garanimals pant suits that that she was wearing. tucker, here is the thing. she says diplomat and then is not very diplomatic. that was a student she was talking to. >> that was so raw, that was great.
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>> that was such compelling television, i have been watching that slip all day. i can't get enough. this is a glimpse at what dinner at the clintons must have been like when they lived together. probably unfiltered. i felt this pain every day is you can't observe them without psychoanalyzing them and it diminishes you. >> and to evaluate them in normal terms you to become a pop shrink and makes you feel dirty. i have done it so, so much. i'm glad they are back, they are very compelling people. >> it is a reality show in a way where you can actually sit there and see all the raw wounds and fissures in the relationship. >> she has been living in the shadow for years of bill clinton and then you have the
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president of the united states that the secret service likes to call him. >> she has been marginalized. bill, i will try to ignore the fact that you spilled an entire cup of water down your shirt. >> that's oil. >> greg: isn't she right to feel wrong because president obama has marginalized her and her husband is getting far more fame than she is getting. isn't she right to be businessed off? >> you say that she is transformed. that is a little autobahn. >> from fuming to smoking. should marlboros be out o of reach when lurking on the beach? officials just approved an ordinance that made their pollutant rich sand smoke free. environmentalist jack ass have
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applauded the move but not everybody has thrown their stained t-shirts in the air for joy. boy, this is filled with stereo types. founder of the lobby against smoker harassment, there are so many other things they should be concerned about like drinking on the beach and lewdness. smokers are an easy target. you from new jersey, remy and you also smoke. please tell meow are against this. >> i am from new jersey and i take issue with all of those stereo types. you know, i think that smokers are an easy target but i don't see the harm. i mean they banned smoking in most public places and if smokers, i think the story says there was a community cleanup effort and they picked up over 40,000 cigarette butts. >> fun initial the people that litter.
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not all -- punish the people that litter. when i smoke i put them out in with my shoe and put them in my pocket. >> i take issue with remy taking issue with the stereo types. i know for a fact that on weekend she wears xue mas and has ties. >> he does not know that. >> even if you believe in a tiny fraction of the second hand smoke statistics you still can't justify it being a health hazard on a windy beach. >> it is purely for the pleasure of telling other people what to do and that its own justification which is upsetting and it is hardly having lived in jersey i can tell you the biggest threat to the common peace on the beach in new jersey. it is a festival of back hair, you don't even hear, "anthony get out of the water." it is not a peaceful scene and cigarette smoking a not the biggest threat. >> i love how we tackled every
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single new jersey stereo type. but new jersey, i love. >> i live in jersey, too, i love jersey. >> greg: a festival of backhair. that is the name of my new band. >> all i can say is that i hope the list is longer than just clinging up cigarette smoke because i will still be holding my nose, clutching my purse and covering the eyes of nye children when i walk around there. >> greg: you could argue that the people smoking make the beach safer because they are hanging around watching people. >> bill, during the summer you usually bring your refrigerator box out to the beach and live there but smoke almost two packs a day so this must have a very, very hard -- i can't even say it. >> lord, you are transforming into a nincanpoop.
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>> i would like to work for the smokers harassment lot. camels and sand go hand in hand. i would love to see that scholarship. >> pinch, i bet you love the fact that they are banning smoking. i believe this is nothing but easy moral islamists. easy more -- easy moralism. >> this is close to home. someone smoked me. it wasn't marijuana, though, we're talking high on crack. >> greg: turning into frown hall. yes, or no. it is one of the two. then again, maybe not.
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>> greg: normally when you produce something so huge that it is unreadable it is slept unread. whistling what do you let when the strategy of overdeliverring backfires and polls of people who never read the healthcare bill based with people who have? based on ash len specter, the
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folks didn't just read the bill, they are now quoting. it is coming from the twitter crowd. suspicious of the huge rush they are not motivated by racism. their concerns were raised at the dinner table as opposed to on twitter. i only bring up twitter because today i came across a column by megan mccain where she brags that while may shell has the number one book in the country she has twice as many twitter followers than she does. the fact is the phone book has everything i need to know for survival but i don't take it to the beach to reid. read. it inspires no one, it is just a tool, much like twitter and megan. that was a funny but honest spectacle generated by a
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generation who need not tweet for they realize that followers will not pay their bills and sadly for megs, they probably don't buy books either. >> tucker, you know, president obama was out there talking about healthcare and he told people to ignore the scare tactics. do you think that t. is scare tactics causing the people to go to town halls and it is all a lot of ex-age ration and fear? >> that was an incredibly deep greg-alogue. i'm serious, the line a guy who has never read the legislation face the people who have, that is exactly what is happening and it is scary but not for the reasons the president enumerated today. this is what you want. this is what advocates are democracy and free speech are crowing about, the exchange of
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ideas and the clash of world views but they actually hate it. want you to shut up and obey. or like keith oberman putting up pictures of a town hall and saying this a barbecuing bash say is -- and saying this is a mob. >> i would think that the inner community organizer would embrace it, this is the ultimate of getting together and sharing your ideas. >> i think they overplayed their hand with healthcare by say it was a big hurry and you know this with old people, you don't rush them, because then they feel like you are trying to rip them off. >> i feel old now. i read 614 pages so far. >> what is your take on it so far. >> i had to call lawyers and doctors and friends to help me get through it and i get it and i understand why people can go
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to town halls and say what about this. i see conflicting ideas in there that i have concerns about. i understand it when people get a little sassy. >> i want to ask you about the twitter stuff. do you think megan made a great point when pointing throughout out that she has twice as many twitter followers. >> i don't know what is more disturbing the fact that she said it or that you are following her. >> i don't follow her. >> i was listening to the stuff that the towns people were saying at the various town halls and one thing i learned is that rogaine will not be covered. >> greg: bill, i have seen your dad. >> i know, i'm right there with him. ten more years and this will be as bald as my transformers helmet. >> speaking of helmet, this is
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kind of like a helmet right now. >> remy, how did you think arlen specter did today? >> you know, speaking on national t.v. in the spot light it is very difficult and a lot of times people don't use the words that they would preforeuse and the person was very confrontational. i think that he held his come piecure. >> i thought he did a good job. i don't like the guy but he is a life long politician and should be able to handle this stuff. >> whenever abe confronts you in a very argu argumentative ws this person did. >> for every guy that made a salient point there were three complaining about their neighbor's garden gnome. >> what am i doing here? how high is space. our interplanetary
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correspondent will explain as soon as he finishes doing his interplanetary laundry.
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>> greg: how high is space, this why are saturn's rings disappearing. what do humanoids do for fun? time to talk to the interplanetary correspondent. buy five copies of his latest book or he will be at your house and he will not show up in advance. >> you keep insisting that i'm in richmond. they tell me that i'm in new york. maybe i'm no antarctica. i tonight know what is going
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on. >> if you have anywhere in the world to live, why do you choose richmond? >> before i ignore your question, greg, i would like to say happy birthday to fellow fox correspondent hannity or levy or whatever his name is. i wrote a little song for him that goes [ bleep ] ♪ happy birthday dee dear andr, i'm a power mad barbarian from outer space. >> well done, my friend. >> that was great, greg. >> greg: fantastic. many companies are offering suborbital space flights blue is debate about where space actually begins. can you tell us how high space is? >> well, how high space s directly related to how high you are. >> greg: i never thought about it that bay if you o are me -- if you are me that's pretty
12:24 am
high. it's right here at the end of my nose, hey, get away from me. >> greg: where does space end? and if it does end, what is beyond space? >> i'm glad you brought up in. i thought about there is outer space out there and just keeps going. you have two objects, right? now, they get twice as close to each other, right and you can always divide that distance in half so no matter how close objects get to each other you can still always divide that by half so keep dividing and keep dividing and nothing ever really touches each other. >> greg: that is true. >> what is up with that? >> i don't know. >> how many times do we have to tell him no -- >> greg: he really did the drugs before he started. lance attempted to join a russian space mission awhile back but he was denied. should he try again? >> i don't even know who the
12:25 am
person is. i was sent the question and i was trying to wikipedia it and i have been failing miserably because i'm addicted to crack and have to suck baby blood by the gallon. i don't know who it is. should i google it. >> he was in inscny. >> there is a meteor shower happening tonight. where is the best place to watch and when? >> if i knew where i was i could tell you. i have a wig telescope in and antarctica and i can see the meteors coming. i tell you they are not meteors. they are the advanced warships of cardinal cedar coming to this planet to turn you into
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his slaves and only guar can can save you from the threat and the only thing you can do it buy the new record. >> greg: speaking of showers, are you anivery man or a scented soap? >> i like to bathe in the blood of my victims. the only time i use soap is when i'm in jail. >> greg: saturn's rings is going to disappear today. it has happened every 15 years since the rings were formed four and a half billion years ago. what exactly is happening to the ring system? >> i know what this is. i'm grad to you. the only thing i can do this. think of the universe as a gigantic pinball machine and it is like a ball hit it and turned the light off. >> hey, right. >> usually the correct one, greg. >> greg: how will my life be affected if saturn is ringless
12:27 am
today? >> ring schming, it won't do a darn thing. i'm poet and downtown even know it. i did it again! >> greg: what is your favorite plan knit? >> i like earth. i have been all over gal laxy, i have seen the planet cholesterol, the wide world of sports, it is the greatest, where else in the universe could i be on a t.v. show with you, greg? >> greg: what is your least favorite planet. >> couple doggia. that is the planet i was born on where i was molested by dark and. >> greg: sorry i brought it up. always a pleasure having you on o the show. i learn so many things about the world around us. >> i feel like i didn't learn anything. >> i learned a lot.
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my going to explode. >> i was waiting for him to say i'm the secretary of state. >> well, i am the secretary of state. >> thank you, odorous. if you have a comment on the show, e-mail usat "red eye" @ still to come, the halftime report from tv's andy levy very own andy levy. yes. [ laughter ] the halftime report is sponsored by liter hosen. flanks leiterhosen. what's fresh from ziploc? fresh shield containers block out air and lock in freshness. because when produce goes bad it's like throwing away money. save more food, save more money... with ziploc containers. s.c. johnson. a family company.
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president obama: i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america. the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america.
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>> greg: welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything rock so far. for wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. how old are you? >> i'm 29. >> greg: 29? >> i mont blanc that. >> i have proof. put up a copy of my birth certificate. i was born 11, august, 1980 in mumbasa kenya fox new. really? >> thank you very much. >> are you allowed to -- we do not talk about that! >> thank you.
12:32 am
>> greg: you don't have to. >> thank you. >> that is my right as an american. >> by the way, we can't have bill wear the onty mus optimust because we can't hear a thing he is saying. what is the problem? >> the story that it wasn't a translation area that the student said president clinton by mistake and it was translated correctly. >> i agree that i'm glad the clintons are back and i never thought i would say that, not that i agree with you but that i'm glad the clintons back. >> fresh material. >> it is like having joe biden. it is just endless entertainment. >> we should be grateful, i agree with that. >> you mentioned hillary's body language that she looked tired et cetera. it could be because on tuesday the next day she headed to eastern congo which some people describe as the most dangerous
12:33 am
place in the world to be a glom my heart goes out to her. she is traveling and working hard and in the spot light. i'm sure she would do it again differently if she would. >> greg: you are so diplomatic. you should be secretary of state. >> thank you. >> while hillary was in the congo, bill was in vegas celebrating his birthday. i'm told there were absolutely no strippers involved. [ laughter ] no smoking on the beach in seaside heights, new jersey. you mentioned that most smokers, of course, don't lit. my research. >> according to the studies that you have personally done. >> yes. >> i think this sums up all you need to know about this particular thing. this woman pollution prevention coordinator of the new jersey based environmental watch dog organization whatever the hell name it is say there's is a marked increase from discarded cigarette butts since indoor
12:34 am
bans have forced smokers outside. it is almost like they want to ban smoking complete. >> i you think. >> real hi weird. >> tucker, bill actually holds a festival of back hair in his apartment every labor day weekend. >> with others or alone? >> no, with others. with other os. >> ooh, that is upsetting. >> a full on festival. bill, you think camels and sand go hand in hand is a good slogan but in this case it is channelles in sand have now been banned. >> i think we can take this opportunity to pause at hillary clinton calling here is [ bleep ] there. that was me playing the role of a -- >> i think it is clear. >> greg-alogue, healthcare, as always, leave the utterly delightful megan mccain alone. you are just mad because i have twice as many twitter followers as you. >> greg: i don't even know how many i have. >> do you know why i have more,
12:35 am
because like megan mccain i care about the people who follow me unlike you whose every tweet unveils his complete disregard for other human bellings. >> greg: what are you reading? >> i'm reading a rant, greg. i'm happy that the rest of the world can now experience what we see on a daily basis. it is not pretty, sir. >> i am the new secretary of state. >> give yourself a little birthday present. >> greg: megan is still not going to call you, andy. >> let's see. i'm not sure how the phone book has everything you need to know for survival since there is nothing in there about the discrete disposal of normer house boys. i checked. >> greg: yeah. >> i'm told i'm out of time. >> are you really? >> funny, i do a rant about greg and suddenly i'm cut off. now, i know how the town hall protesters feel, greg, now i
12:36 am
know. you are worse than pelosi. >> greg: you have every right to leave. >> and i will exercise that right. >> greg: let me welcome back our guests. remy spencer, if beauty was a mass murderer i would spend months getting her off. if intelligence were at school i wouldn't be allowed within 500 feet of him. and harris faulkner she can read a teleprompter like i can -- >> hey. >> want to look like a snobby snob without selling out hundreds of dollars for new ivy league education. harvard university which is located in princeton, new jersey, just launched a clothing line called harvard yard. the school whose alumni include franklin roosevelt, is now in the clothing business. this is my favorite press of it. the harvard yard collection
12:37 am
features american l.a. classics like tailored chief knows, striped blazers, raise coats. knit wear and coats, loavers. and -- >> to you don't get them mixed up with others. >> how much money are you going to spend on this clothing? sounds like it is right up your alley. >> it is the saddest thing i think i have ever seen. talk about destrawing a friend. that harvard, that ended 45 years ago. like it's smart -- smart kids in bangladesh go to harvard now. that harvard is gone and the idea they are trying to make money ton in some sort of harassment that stewart inspired canine line is sad. i would love to know the scratching directer that
12:38 am
invented that. >> would you go out with a guy that buys harvard clothes but doesn't go to harvard. >> i epied my clothing and education the old fashioned way, my parents. and hard work and bills and stuff like that. i think is takes dark when they company knock at the door and it is the cops trying to solve a crime, maybe they woo let the people in. who came up twitter followers the idea of having them compote? who put it tooth. i don't ever remember seeing many people walk around looking like that. [ bleep ] >> di did fee merchandise year at emerson with bill. >> ultra, nothing you buy
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and human services.
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>> greg: carlos watson takes a crack at it. roll the new animation, person ho rolls animation. >> i want to talk about a world we are hearing more and more. that is the word socialist, you heard people with critiquing the -- there certainly is an idea. >> and another is considered a blumening tool. you hear on the democratic side as well. what kerns we is foam of the
12:43 am
town hall meetings where there were jokes made about pinching oat let a for some angry upsetburg larentas. >> happen tee be the name of my hootie and the blowship 2: >> blow lustee. >> yew are our african american correspondent. what do you thick of this? >> share up, into lies, right on. i at any time even try. you can't call it a i deaol. toesent make any sense here. social is all about the general motors have socialists taken on
12:44 am
a spatial betweening thiazol white people can't see. >> i will answer the question with a question. when it year 2 12-minute look at news, weather and traffic plows, nancy pelosi used it in a word. maybe that is what she meant. i didn't hear carlos talk about that. >> greg: tucker, they say this is the secret code but if it as secret code, how is it found out? >> a great question. i getz fell hoe racists. like a dog whistle, only fellow racists are hear where. there are in also even the able channel work everybody is arrested january teams soever
12:45 am
to 9 it. there is a tess continuion. >> like going around and telling everybody that they are beautiful and chen when one as you, mckinley the only person that is not beautiful is bill. >> i think the problem is that people are misusing the word and abusing it and saying iting becoming less about the substance and actual liia log and more about the wights, the pietz, the outraged. people need to be educated so that we can make good decisions. >> almost and ludicrous as calling obama racist to white people. >> but that would never happen. >> x is for phoenixity.
12:46 am
>> n. pa. tess my, fill in the hank. >> when people jet upset about worker. the socialist concept takes away a lott of what makes america so unique. >> do you small a business or are you just a maul business owner? >> i'm a small person owner and turns out that is illegal. that is 1 ba i don't like. >> just why did season resign as alaskan governor. the twitter followers. >> an internet website you can jet get if you happen to own a computer. listen to this. >> shoes taken the money, you know. that is what i'm fairing that is what she talked about and i wasn't sure what she was tooing. >> do you think shelters are
12:47 am
having marital problems? >> they have been from day one. >> y can you 2: >> i'm into the going to go. >> think that is a reason why she stepped out? >> yeah, do i. >> cheating? >> no. i am not going to get into that. >> but marital problems 12346789. >> yeah. >> you know, acid 80ic as he is -- style magazine last time we checked air raw is still together with her husband todd and levi is slumming is with walking kabuki mask, cathy griffin. is levi a great dad or what? he is just looking out for the kids trying to make some money. >> if he is not just a mott head, he is doing a bong between every census. he has no idea where he is. i feel story for him. i do when wakes up that rue pud
12:48 am
and real idahos outages. lay off. her marriage is not our business. i think it is unto keep bothering the boyfriend. >> greg: they have more focus. what do you make of this guy? what is the end game? >> i started to really question weather or not tucker had the right idea and maybe he is not sober. he was like kissing the temple of kathy griffin on the red carpet and they were holding hands and all schmoo zy. >> general motors. >> you would have to be high for that. imagine kissing kathy griffin. late rally imagine kissing kathy griffin? how much marijuana would it take? >> speak of getting itemly much like when you lick a code to
12:49 am
tote lie. if you look a facelike categoryia griffin. we have gone out o. >> we have to move on. thank you, always a pleasure to have you on the show. up next, our e-mails your e-mails. i read them. check out my blog, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, dailygut, balm. ññ
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>> when going green, check out the first carl cameron fadian international teddy bear convention i thought i was in for a lot of craziness but then i met 13-year-old abbey and the 53 bears and discovered there
12:53 am
is a serious side to collecting teddy bears. what does your family think about you collecting bears? >> i. >> i. i love that glitz' great. >> speaking of bears, they entered the yard. put them over there, i will loot them later. -- you right and i read. >> david from pop -- david from popular bluff, missouri, writes -- >> greg: i also didn't know there were viewers that were
12:54 am
such dorky, dork dorks. bud from idaho writes in about our discussion on hobos. you are just know hobo. >> greg: i never said anything candidates tie hobo. i'm all for hobos marrying and i think they should be allowed to serve in the military as long as they keep their hobo sexuality to themselves. silvia checks in. >> my goodness. >> even when they are on a toilet, they are messy. final word, women do not pee in the shower. >> something tells meow are taking this a little too personally. we actually struck a nerve with you.
12:55 am
don't be ashamed, sometimes behavior i'm in a rush i will relieve myself in the shower. >> finally, nancy writes i just love your show after a long day of being a bra fitter in an upscale department store. i look forward to watching your show. you are the sharpest person i have seen on tv in a long time. i crack up at everything you say. if you ever need a bra fitting i'm here for you. >> nancy, i don't need a bra sitting. it so happens my pecs are a little longer this summer. the prizes i'm mailing to you is something i made myself. all natural, too, i call them soil squares. letts close out the show, shall we and the post game wrapup from tv's andy levy. to see clips of recent shows, fox
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>> greg: time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrapup. republican when, a lot of people ask me why you're not on twitter. what is your problem? >> i'm too busy representing rapists, murderers, rapist murderers. i wanted to say st. petersburg
12:59 am
by birthday. i'm told you, not alu the h. >> harris, where have you been? >> u. >> you know, i have brock a mom for the second time. danica joe, three months old. she wants to be on torino. i'm any net and i tonight to be on "red eye" forever? that lunds like a voice from "9 mining. >> did is like the little girls in the shine. big, not gig to plug? >> i don't really have anything to plug but i will say this, i help you have a perfect scar and then one round more. >> also a


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